Whenever I find something written by the Dalai Lama, I read it. His wisdom has proven invaluable.

It wasn’t until graduate school that I discovered the Dalai Lama invests time with academic and professional communities, sharing his wisdom on Leadership and Culture.

In a recently released HBR article, His Holiness talks about the skills that make leaders effective. And it’s likely not what you learned in business school.

Sometimes when we think of leaders, we think of strong, powerful, authority. And while these qualities can be important, they may not be most effective in leading humans.

As it turns out, the Dalai Lama suggests leaders should “be mindful, selfless, and compassionate”. This can make all the difference in relating to our fellow humans; healing communities and bringing people together instead of driving them apart.

While this might not sound appealing to everyone, I’ve seen firsthand the magic and miracles that happen when leaders have the courage and willingness to fully cultivate these qualities of being human.

I’ve also seen this kind of leadership heal relationships, rifts in organizations, and communities.

Perhaps this is an idea we could embrace in these interesting times.

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