As a practitioner of Industrial-Organizational Psychology, I have the privilege of being affiliated with a professional guild – the Society of Industrial Organizational Psychologists (SIOP). Through my membership, I gain access to the latest research as well as a vast network of professionals, experts, and academics.

Each year I look forward to the release of the SIOP Workplace Trends Survey. Our membership is surveyed on the issues experienced across a wide variety of organizations. Our members can be found in all areas of leadership, human resources, consulting, change management and professional development in organizations of all sizes.

Organizational Agility

This year’s survey reveals that employers are paying attention to work-life balance which is not particularly surprising and much needed. I was excited to find Organizational Agility in the Top 10 for 2019 as I believe it needs to be cultivated in all businesses, not just tech companies. Companies can learn how to move with grace and ease, leveraging rapidly changing market trends and conditions.

Speaking of changing conditions, the Changing Nature of Work, Automation, and the “Gig Economy” all landed in SIOP’s Top 10 trends this year suggesting that businesses are engaging with a very different type of workforce and workers have new options for how and when they choose to work. It also supports research that careers are becoming increasingly protean in nature.

Big Data and Data Visualization were no surprise in the Top 10 list as companies learn how to better leverage data while taking privacy and ethical considerations into account.

#MeTooAtWork, Diversity, Inclusion & Equity

I was very pleased to see #MeTooAtWork on the Top 10 list gaining increasing traction across organizations along with Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity. These give me a sense of hope for the future of organizational leadership.

And the winner is…AI & Machine Learning

I’ve had many conversations covering a wide range of feelings about AI and what it could mean to the workforce. I’ve listened to expert panel discussions debating the many possible ways it could impact our workforce. And while no one can predict the future, I believe AI will offer an opportunity for humans to take a new type of role in shaping the future of work. While some see AI as the solution to all of our business problems and others see it as a threat, I believe AI will be more like a dance partner – requiring us to engage our humanity, humility and HEART.

These are interesting times and it certainly helps to have expert guidance. While most people think of me as a performance and mindset coach, I am always rooted in I-O Psychology and am equipped to help both individuals and organizations deal with the myriad of human issues encountered each day.

I welcome you to email or call me with any questions about any of the content in the Workplace Trends Report. I love talking about them!

With gratitude, always.


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