It’s likely you’ve heard something about mindfulness.  It has become a media buzzword of late.  For good reason.  The body of mindfulness research is expanding, linking mindfulness to many outcomes including creativity.

Recently Harvard Business Review conducted organizational research assessing mindfulness and creativity.  The results, linked here, are both interesting and important.

The author suggests that our modern workplace presents a challenging conflict.  A work environment that is incredibly fast pace and also demands innovation and creativity.  Unfortunately, the fast-paced environment promotes habitual and reactionary ways of thinking that put a damper on creativity and innovation.

Creating time for employees to practice mindfulness has demonstrated positive results with productivity while also fostering creativity and innovation.  Researchers indicate that cognitive flexibility, cultivated through mindfulness practice, is what allows us to see beyond our previous ideas to gain new insights.

The ability to gain new insights could be the difference between growing or dying.

With that much at stake, it’s an idea worth considering.