I understand pathways and transitions not only because I’ve studied them, but because I’ve lived them. I journeyed through many career paths in my life and the one thing present at every stage was a passion for developing and empowering those around me.

I’ve been fortunate to move through careers ranging from being a professional musician to a business analyst to a business owner to a program manager to a regional manager to a curriculum designer. The common thread among all of my experiences is an attitude of constant improvement and a desire to empower others.

After 20 years of these rich work experiences, I decided that I had enough experience to shift my focus specifically to coaching and consulting. I earned certification to teach mindfulness and meditation and incorporate it into my coaching and consulting framework.

I obtained a Master’s degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, adding in depth of expertise in how humans function and building a holistic framework to help individuals and organizations function at their highest potential.

I facilitate conversations that create personal and professional breakthroughs. I get the incredible privilege of walking alongside you as you take the steps that propel you in new directions.

Are you ready? Let’s start your journey today!

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